A Good Week

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Right now we’re all about building a community of people whose values align with our own. So we are excited to coincide the launch of our free Coffee-Break Classes with the launch of A Good Week. The classes showcase our ethos: passion and enthusiasm are not only feelings that we all deserve to have for what we do, but also are great catalysts for inspiring others. So we make our classes freely available for anyone to watch and learn—and, maybe just maybe, be inspired in turn…

How’s it work? Well, from 11 AM onwards every day this week we will post ‘n’ host an online, five-minute class, taught by someone who loves what they do. You could learn how to make hotdogs, Bollywood dance, ask good questions, or even write good dialogue. Sign up to our Vimeo channel right now to stay posted. Below is an outline of what you can learn over the course of the week.



How to make the perfect pour-over coffee, as taught by Matthew Orchard of Ground Coffee Houses.


How to write really good dialogue, as taught by novelist Jessica Ruston.


How to be mindful in the midst of a busy week, as taught by antenatal teacher and doula Hilary Curtis.


How to Bollywood dance in your kitchen, as taught by Charlotte Jalley of Learn Bollywood.


How to ask really good questions, as taught by BBC3 presenter Cherry Healey.


How to make homemade hotdogs, as taught by chef and charcuteur (and American) Bud Teasley.


How to paint a strawberry tart and then eat it, as taught by artist Darvish Fakhr.