We like to help people flourish

We are an Aspirations agency

developing character strengths and soft skills since 2011

creating connections and networks in exciting ways

Spark+Mettle is a charity that uses coaching, tech and collaborative events to build character strengths, soft skills and networks in young people.

What we do

We run a range of programmes both online and in person that enable individuals to fulfil their potential, and we produce tools and workshops that support others to do the same.

Star Track

Star Track is a fellowship programme for aspiring 18–24 year olds across the UK and it runs from January…
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We are teaming up with HSBC and the British Council to deliver a brand new project in eight countries…
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Events & Workshops

We run a range of events, workshops and trainings aimed at young people as well as managers, educators and…
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Spark+Mettle is rustling up some great, free resources for individuals and organisations that work alongside young people—particularly from…
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We love to share what we think, learn and do, and we invite others to lend their wisdom and experience through us too.

News & Thoughts

Who We Support

We primarily support less privileged 18–24 year olds by providing access to the people, resources and opportunities that will enable them to realise their aspirations.


Alice Mulrooney, Musical Maestro

2013 - 2014


It sounds so dramatic but [Star Track] has changed my outlook on life. I just feel very lucky to have found Spark+Mettle.



Seyi Akiwowo, Educational Activist

2012 - 2013


[Through Star Track] I  learnt that it is okay to have aspirations. I felt that my aspirations were mocked through my time in formal education.



Suraj Rai, Changemaker

2011 - 2012


[Through Star Track, I have gained] a whole host of connections, opportunities and friends.


We are hugely grateful to the organisations who have helped us start realising our own aspirations.